By Amanda Baker

Can You Dig It?

Archaeology Lost & Found in the Sands of Time

How do we know so much about the past? Archaeologists dig it!

Let your archaeologist explore excavations and see real artifacts from around the world to learn what archaeology is, how archaeologists excavate a site, and what we can learn by studying the material culture left behind by people in the past.

With a whole world to explore, maybe your next question will be: “Where will she take us next?”

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Meet the Author

Amanda Baker

Amanda is an archaeologist, educator, and enthusiast of all things related to past cultures. Her mission is to encourage children to have a passion for learning and exploring the world around them! 

She has over ten years of experience working with children of all ages, and earned her BA in Anthropology and Mediterranean Archaeology from Emory University and her MPhil in Archaeology from the University of Cambridge. 

When she is not writing, you can find Amanda planning her next excavation adventure, staring out at the stars, reading something from either Douglas Adams, Mark Twain, or J.R.R. Tolkien, or coming to the conclusion that, once again, there is always next year for the Atlanta Braves. 

 At Panda Archaeology, we provide tools and resources for children, teachers, and parents to become engaged in the history that is all around them and throughout the world!

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 I also loved that there were activities peppered throughout. Things like matching a site map to a photo of the actual site itself and learning about trade using King Tut’s mask are not only educational but they are FUN TO DO! The book is an excellent educational entry into the discipline of archaeology, and it ends by explaining how kids can become more involved.

Melanie Wood


This book is written in a simple and entertaining way. It is somewhat interactive with pictures that give it the feel of a real history book – except it is a science book!

Archaeology is such a fascinating subject. I have always loved history and to see what scientists are doing today to learn more about it is just so much fun.

Tara SChnetz


You’re reading it to see the amazing photographs of real-life archaeologists at work, and the digs in progress. “What do you think that is?” “How do you think that was used?” You (or your child) will be asking that question on almost every page. This is a fabulous book for evoking or encouraging curiosity about history and historical peoples.

Jennifer Dunne

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